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It is time to look back on a successful start of operations of our CareUnderSun team that was founded in 2018, offering services on the island of Rhodes to travellers who need support.

Guests from Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria requiring care and nursing support in their daily lives, due to a disability or age-related health issues, have come to Rhodes for holidays. With the support of the CareUnderSun team it was possible.

Assistance at the airport, special transportation, sanitary equipment delivered to the hotel rooms, adjustable hospital beds instead of standard hotel beds, Gluten-free bread prepared for breakfast, daily care provided in the hotels, specialised wound care or assistance on excursions are only a few examples of the services provided by the team to our guests.

Many times care-givers, partners or family members came along for the holidays and, receiving the support and building up trust in our team, they could take time off for themselves. Like Beate from Frankfurt who has cared for her husband for 6 years and hadn’t been on vacation since her husband suffered a stroke. Travelling was the common passion they shared before. For the first time since then, Beate and Helmut decided to come to Rhodes for a care vacation.

Beate says:” For the first time in 6 years I was enjoying my old passion, took time for myself, shared my experiences and met new people. It was a valuable time for me and for my husband to step back onto our old roads of travelling, which only became possible with the help and support we received from the team in Rhodes.”

The socio-demographic development of the European population with an ageing society and factors that contribute to longevity of the population like the improvement of medicine, social and economic factors as well as decreasing birth rates are also reflected in the travellers’ choice of destinations. The Mediterranean region has great potential due to the location, climatic, cultural and natural resources to attract these visitors.

”I can see a great potential and opportunity for destinations that add elderly care services and have well organised infrastructure for this target group”, says Sabine Switalla, the founder of CareUnderSun.

The next phase of our expansion plans have started already and this winter will be used to find, build and train new teams in other Greek destinations. The knowledge must be transferred and cultural differences discussed as well as care standards implemented. The trainer Renate Woeste has a great experience in care-giving, gained in Germany and Switzerland. With her trainer qualification is she responsible for the preparation and supervision of nursing teams to guarantee the safety and quality of care at the highest standards for the guests visiting Greece that are in need of care.

We are looking forward to welcome more guests and to care for them in 2019.

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