Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua, S.A.

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Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua, S.A.
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The “Parques de Sintra Welcome Better” project is underway to improve access to the parks and palaces that are managed by Parques de Sintra, turning them into an example of best practice for accessible tourism and equal access to natural and built heritage.
This project, which involves an overall investment of around two million euros over two years, and which is 25% co-financed by Turismo de Portugal, began with an in-depth investigation into best practices, which received input from several Portuguese stakeholder organizations, namely ACAPO (the Association for the Blind and Amblyopic in Portugal), APS (the Portuguese Association for the Hearing Impaired) and Associação Salvador (whose mission is to promote the inclusion of the physically impaired).

The objective of the “Parques de Sintra Welcome Better” project is to improve access for a broader range of visitors, in particular regarding:

– mobility – physical access: namely through new facilities and by adapting physical space;
– quality of the services rendered;
- changes in communication methods and platforms.

Parque de Monserrate, Sintra, 2710, Portugal


Visitor Types

People with motor impairments
People who use a wheelchair
People of very large or small stature
People who are deaf or have hearing impairments
People without speech or with speech impairments
People who are blind or have vision impairments
People who use any kind of technical assistive devices
People with service animals
People requiring personal assistance (non-medical care/support)

Services Information

Indoor Attractions: 
Historic and/or protected building
Outdoor Attractions: 
Nature trails
Garden, park or arboretum
Monument/heritage site
Sports Activities and Facilities: 
Other sports activities

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