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Pantou is the Greek word for Everywhere.

This web site presents the Directory of suppliers of accessible tourism services in all European Union and Accession countries. It also includes suppliers such as travel agents and tour operators who provide accessible services for Europe-inbound customers.

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The Pantou Directory:

  • makes it easier for tourists with any kind of access needs to find what they are looking for when planning a visit.
  • promotes European accessible tourism suppliers, showing places to go and things to do – in safety and with convenience and comfort.

Until now it has been difficult for a visitor with access needs to find out about the availability of suitable suppliers across Europe.

Pantou has been developed to meet the need for a reliable and comprehensive pan-European guide to all kinds of tourism services that are currently offered for this market segment.

Comprehensive services

Suppliers who are listed on Pantou provide a wide variety of tourism services, including accommodation, facilities, transport, tours, venues and attractions that are designed to be inclusive and accessible for people who have a disability, long-term health condition or other specific accessibility requirements.

Accurate and reliable information

To be listed with Pantou, tourism suppliers must indicate the type of service(s) offered and the particular target groups they can serve.

Visitors - Search help

The Search interface on the Home Page allows Visitors (or suppliers) to search the whole Pantou Directory for service information.

Simple Search: Enter a text string in the first box and click "Enter" or Apply to carry out a free text search. The search box will offer possible search words as you type. The Results will be shown in the page(s) below, as a checkerboard of services which contain the text of the search string.

Menu Based Search: Select either single terms or multiple terms from the four menus or "filters" - Country, Customer groups, Services and Accessibility Schemes. As you click on the search term under each menu, the system remembers your selected term and you can click on the next menu. When you have made your selection(s) click Apply to search the database. The results will be shown in the page(s) below, as a checkerboard of services which match your search terms.

To conduct a new search, click the Reset button below the Search boxes and start again.

Suppliers - Registration help

TIP! Download the Pantou Service Registration Form in PDF format (current version: 9 February 2015) to view all the questions before you register your service.

Fill in all the boxes online to register your company name, address, contact details, etc.

When registering your accessible service, you must only tick the boxes for services which you yourself provide - not the whole range of services which may be in your locality! So the owner of a Bed & Breakfast or Guest House should not tick Bank, Museum or Railway Station - these facilities may be close by but they should only be listed by their actual owners or managers.

Accessibility Information Schemes 

Suppliers must give a reference about the accessibility of their services.

This reference may be either an accessibility information/auditing scheme or an access labelling scheme to which they belong. The names of these schemes appear in a drop-down menu when you register your service. Pick the name of your auditing service or, if you do not have an auditing service, click Pantou Access Statement. 

If you are a member of an Accessibility Information Scheme that is not listed in the drop-down menu you can submit the name and URL of ther scheme to Pantou and we will review the scheme to see if it meets our requirements. 

Suppliers who are not members of any accessibility information scheme are required to complete a Pantou Access Statement which describes the most important facts about their services.

For information about making your Pantou Access Statement, please go to the Pantou Access Statement page.

Upload an image: you can upload an image file for your service. It will appear on your Pantou profile page and in the search results, above your service name and short description. 
Image files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types:    gif    jpg    jpeg.
Images must be smaller than 640x480 pixels.

After submitting your completed profile, the Pantou team will review your data and publish it, usually within 48 hours. If we miss any critical data we will write to you.

Once your profile is published you will receive an automated email confirming your entruy in the Pantou Directory. You can then login to your profile page to review and edit the data. 

If you need further help to register, please send your question via the Contact Page. 

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