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Ace Mobility
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ACE MOBILITY is Africa's first clean, accessible vehicles ride hailing startup. We offer Affordable, Reliable and inclusive rides and train drivers on inclusivity, disability etiquette and how to serve vulnerable persons in society. People with disabilities can now socially, economically and politically participate. Our clients request our accessible vehicles through our on demand mobile app Ace Mobility. We understand that travel is not just about reaching your destination, it's about the journey itself.

Our drivers go the extra mile to become Caregivers, by not only driving the passenger to their drop off point, but also walking them into the building and handing them over to the next caregiver. With this solution, vulnerable persons in the society do not have to pay another caregiver during the trip. We are open to scale worldwide.

We are using AI to create a navigation tool that will help visually impaired people to locate our vehicles. If they point the phone in the wrong direction, the phone vibrates until they point their phone to the right direction.

We're not just a ride-hailing service; we're a catalyst for change.

YETU HOUSE, Nairobi, 00605, Kenya


Visitor Types

Small Children
People with motor impairments
People who use a wheelchair
People of very large or small stature
People who are deaf or have hearing impairments
People without speech or with speech impairments
People who are blind or have vision impairments
People with dementia ("dementia-friendly"), learning difficulties, autism or other cognitive / developmental impairments
People with allergy or asthma or requiring special diets
People with long-term health problems (e.g. respiratory and circulatory conditions or invisible disabilities)
People who are frail, lacking in strength or stamina
People who use any kind of technical assistive devices
People with service animals
People requiring personal assistance (non-medical care/support)

Services Information

Car/scooter/motorbike hire company
Disabled Vehicle Parking
Local transport for people with disabilities
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Accessible Tourism Network
Accessible Tourism Research and Consulting
Social Tourism (specialist providers or organisations)
Travel agency
Passenger and Personal Assistance: 
Airport passenger assistance service
Bus and coach passenger assistance service
Personal assistance (including professional travel companion service
Tourist Guiding: 
Registered tourist guiding service (e.g. for cultural venues)
Tour and travel guide service (e.g. on coach tour)

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