Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki celebrates its 60th anniversary

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image of museum artefacts in open displays with hand-held tablet in foreground (news), 13.11.2022. The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki celebrates its 60th anniversary with an exhibition showcasing milestones over the course of those years.

With smart and interactive displays, the show takes visitors on a visual journey of the museum’s evolution, showing its connection to the city, its forays abroad, some of its greatest acquisitions, major shows and other landmark moments. 

More than 274 exhibits, mainly taken from our storerooms, together with audio-visual and other material tell small stories connecting not only the past with the present but also the city with the Museum, reflecting the events and the aura of each period. The graphic design is exceptionally inspired, the style of the titles is based on the font used on one of the Museum’s old seals, while some units are developed as installations, turning objects into exhibits and rendering the content with a contemporary visual eye. Our aim is for exhibits, texts and audio-visual material to supplement each other and tell our many stories vibrantly.

An area specially designed for children and families has been created as part of the exhibition, with activities including a board game inspired by the history of the Museum and its 60th birthday. A short film created especially for the exhibition will be screened and hand-held devices with interactive applications will be available to visitors.

Our objective with this exhibition is to create a living memory map that projects the particular identity of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki as it was actively shaped from the very first years of its operation, a museum with a vision and an outward-looking attitude.

The exhibition occupies two galleries of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and will be open from 27 October 2022 to 31 October 2023

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