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Since 1999, ReadSpeaker has developed text-to-speech solutions to bridge the digital divide and make online content accessible to a broader audience. It is an easy-to-use and practical complement to organic web accessibility, a requirement for many organizations.

ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting instantly creates an audio version of the text on websites and mobile applications for those with low vision, learning disabilities such as dyslexia, senior citizens, and others who are on-the-go and would prefer to listen from their portable device. For example, tourism websites that are speech-enabled by ReadSpeaker offer another way of accessing information about a destination, and it also helps to hear the names of cities or monuments that you might not otherwise know how to pronounce. As with everything that improves accessibility, it can potentially help everyone.

Along with web, document and form reading solutions, ReadSpeaker also offers solutions for audio production. These services are mainly used when the content has to be accessible while offline: handheld guides at museums are a good example.

ReadSpeaker’s technologies are fully customizable and give a voice to websites, online documents, mobile applications, e-learning platforms, connected devices, etc. Functioning as a SaaS (Software as a Service), updates are automatic and installation is simple. Today, more than 10,000 corporate, media, government, and nonprofit customers around the world use ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solutions.

ReadSpeaker is proud to partner with the European Network of Accessible Tourism, whose goal of accessibility to a larger audience on the web perfectly aligns with ours.

ENAT has launched ReadSpeaker in its corporate website as a first step, and will extend the service to the rest of the sites it manages (Pantou,,, the new ENAT Membership Website (coming soon!), and ENAT's elearning platform).

Antonino Sistac, ReadSpeaker.

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