Dom Paraplegikov

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Dom Paraplegikov
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We are a hotel where everything is arranged for guests with disabilities. All rooms and common areas are accessible for wheelchairs. All our rooms have a patio and some have a sea view. We have rooms with shower and bathtub. All beds in rooms are adjustable. We have an outside pool with sea water and a lovely park with sea view. During the summer months we can offer massage and therapies.

Pacug 10, Portorož - Portorose, Slovenia
+386 (0)31348841


Visitor Types

People who use a wheelchair
People of very large or small stature
People who use any kind of technical assistive devices
People with service animals
People requiring personal assistance (non-medical care/support)

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Bed and Breakfast
Food and Beverage: 
Cafe, snackbar
Pub, bar
Disabled Vehicle Parking
Health, Spas and Wellness: 
Health, wellness treatment
Indoor Attractions: 
Childrens' play facilities
Other indoor attraction
Information & Booking: 
Destination management organisation
Guide books, leaflets, tourism information
Online information (e.g. review sites and information aggregators)
Passenger and Personal Assistance: 
Airport passenger assistance service
Portering, baggage handling and forwarding service
Other assistance
Outdoor Attractions: 
Beach and related infrastructure
Childrens' playground
Garden, park or arboretum
Other outdoor attraction
Conference and Exhibition: 
Conference centre
Spectator Sports: 
Outdoor sports event (sports ground, playing fields, other areas)
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Swimming pool
Tourist Guiding: 
Volunteer guide, "greeter" services
Health and Safety: 
Emergency services: police, fire, ambulance
Health/medical/first-aid service
Equipment Hire, Loan, Repair and Purchase: 
Bathroom, toileting and bedding
Mobility aids (wheelchairs, crutches, stroller, scooter, beach wheelchair, etc.)
Other equipment service

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