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Fundació Joan Miró
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The Joan Miró Foundation exists to promote awareness of the work and personality of Joan Miró and to present exhibitions of twentieth- and twenty-first century artists: a door open to the exchange of ideas and disciplines, always looking to the future, with great international prestige and deep roots in Catalonia

The Joan Miró Foundation is located in an exceptional building designed by the architect Josep Lluís Sert. It stands in the Parc de Montjuïc, with magnificent views over Barcelona.

The Foundation, which opened in 1975, houses the largest public collection of the works of Joan Miró, one of the most influential and universal artists of the twentieth century. It consist of around 300 paintings, 150 sculptures, 9 textiles, practically the entire graphic works and over 8,000 drawings, from the earliest manifestations of his artistic sensibilities to the final years of his life.

As a center for contemporary art, the Foundation also organizes temporary exhibitions on all aspects of the art of our times. In recent years it has put on shows devoted to Chillida, Giacometti, Warhol, Calder, Magritte, Rothko, Arp and Léger. More experimental works by younger artists have their own special area in the Espai 13, a pioneer of its kind in Barcelona.

After more than thirty years of existence, the Joan Miró Foundation is not only an essential point of reference for studying Miró’s work at first hand but it has also established itself as one of the major contemporary art institutions on an international level.

Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, Barcelona, 08038, Spain


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