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Hostatgería de Poblet - NATIVE Hotels
Poblet (Tarragona),
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The Poblet Monastery, which is the largest inhabited abbey in Europe, has always been a guiding light of the Conca del Barberá. An emblematic architecture of late Romanesque and monumental Gothic, Royal Pantheon of the Crown of Aragón. A silence, which is only broken by discreet bells, which closely accompany the chants of the Cistercian monks, at dawn, during 7 o´clock mass. Our Hotel is an Avant-guard building equipped with renewable energy, neighbouring the monastery and acting as a complement to it by offering rooms to those who are not content with just a morning visit. Because wrapped in this royal peace and calm and in the austerity natural to the Mediterranean countryside of Tarragona, one feels like to staying a few days away from the hectic urban life of our convulsive era. The rooms are sober but decorated with hardwood and quality details such as ecological showers in impeccable marble bathrooms. From the attic in room 214 we have a view of the church steeple and the chapel of the imposing monastery facade. Television in the rooms would have been a mistake. With this view and a good book, we are delighted.

Abadía de Poblet, Poblet (Tarragona), 43448, Spain
(+34) 977 870 089


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