New Horizons Support Services Limited

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New Horizons Support Services Limited
Service description: 

Company Overview:
New Horizons is a local, independent micro service provider with a team of well-trained individuals that offers a person centred approach to social care and supported holidays.
We enable people to access their communities and have a broad range of experiences.

Mission Statement:
New Horizons is committed to providing individualised support services for people with physical, developmental or social impairments, enabling them to live independent and productive lives.

Services include:
Sitting Service, Short Break, Respite in the Home, Crisis, Transitions in Life Support, Community Support/Life skills training in the Community, Activity Sessions/Activity weeks,
Independent Living Support/Life Skills in the Home, Escorted Travel Services.
Supported Holidays – Group, family or tailor-made for individuals.

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44 (0) 1534 888826


Visitor Types

People with motor impairments
People who use a wheelchair
People of very large or small stature
People who are deaf or have hearing impairments
People without speech or with speech impairments
People who are blind or have vision impairments
People with dementia ("dementia-friendly"), learning difficulties, autism or other cognitive / developmental impairments
People with allergy or asthma or requiring special diets
People with long-term health problems (e.g. respiratory and circulatory conditions or invisible disabilities)
People who are frail, lacking in strength or stamina
People who use any kind of technical assistive devices
People with service animals
People requiring personal assistance (non-medical care/support)

Services Information

Local transport for people with disabilities
Health, Spas and Wellness: 
Health, wellness treatment
Information & Booking: 
Online information (e.g. review sites and information aggregators)
Social Tourism (specialist providers or organisations)
Consumer Organisation
Passenger and Personal Assistance: 
Personal assistance (including professional travel companion service
Child-minding, baby-sitting
Beach assistance
Other assistance
Tourist Guiding: 
Tour and travel guide service (e.g. on coach tour)
Health and Safety: 
Health/medical/first-aid service
Therapeutic services (e.g. physiotherapy)
Equipment Hire, Loan, Repair and Purchase: 
Bathroom, toileting and bedding
Personal/orthopedic aids and clothing
Other equipment service

Accessibility Information