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Planet Abled is an India based organization, which provides accessible travel solutions for people with different disabilities from all over the world. For a person with a disability or the family/friends of someone who is, travelling to unknown territories pops up a lot of questions in their mind. Inaccessibility, lack of basic amenities and people’s sympathy are just some of the barriers they might face. There are over a billion people with disabilities in the world, but the percentage of them travelling across India is very minuscule. We are one of its kind in the world, serving people of all disabilities together in our group tours, giving them an avenue to visit places freely and confidently, leaving behind social inhibitions and apprehensions about their capabilities. Planet Abled wants to open doors for people with disabilities to travel the way they want. If they are alone and want to travel with a group, if they want to travel solo, if they want to travel with their family/kids/parents/partner/friends or if they want to go on a romantic getaway with their partner, the possibilities are endless. We believe - ‘Our Planet is Our Common Inheritance – Everything Is For Everyone’. We also have a bright feather of successfully conducting the first ever rafting and ziplining tour across the Ganga in India, apart from the many other innovative firsts we added to our cap in our one and a half year of operations. Our efforts have been recognized by NCPEDP - Mphasis Universal Design Award, and India Responsible Tourism Award by Outlook Traveller and World Travel Market, London, which we received for the year 2016.

Delhi, Delhi, 110018, India


Visitor Types

Small Children
People with motor impairments
People who use a wheelchair
People of very large or small stature
People who are deaf or have hearing impairments
People without speech or with speech impairments
People who are blind or have vision impairments
People with dementia ("dementia-friendly"), learning difficulties, autism or other cognitive / developmental impairments
People with allergy or asthma or requiring special diets
People who are frail, lacking in strength or stamina
People who use any kind of technical assistive devices
People with service animals
People requiring personal assistance (non-medical care/support)

Services Information

Bed and Breakfast
Guest house
Farm, Gites, Rural rented property
Holiday flats, apartments
Holiday cabins/village
Camping and/or caravan site
Other accommodation services
Boat ride/excursion
Ferry port/terminal
Boat dock/marina
Health, Spas and Wellness: 
Health, wellness treatment
Indoor Attractions: 
Museum or gallery
Religious building
Historic and/or protected building
Cultural centre
Discoteque, nightclub, dance hall
Amusement arcade
Childrens' play facilities
Other indoor attraction
Information & Booking: 
Travel agency
Tour operator
Tourist Information Centre
Social Tourism (specialist providers or organisations)
Guide books, leaflets, tourism information
Destination management organisation
Accessibility Information Scheme
Accessible Tourism Research and Consulting
Accessible Tourism Network
Consumer Organisation
Passenger and Personal Assistance: 
Railway passenger assistance service
Bus and coach passenger assistance service
Personal assistance (including professional travel companion service
Child-minding, baby-sitting
Beach assistance
Other assistance
Outdoor Attractions: 
Nature trails
Garden, park or arboretum
Bird-watching and animal hides
Leisure and theme park, water fun park
Zoo and/or animal park
Monument/heritage site
Archaeological site
Nature reserve, place of special scientific interest
Festival ground, outdoor theatre and related facilities
Childrens' playground
Other outdoor attraction
Spectator Sports: 
Outdoor sports event (sports ground, playing fields, other areas)
Sports Activities and Facilities: 
Walking, hiking, mountaineering
Sailing, rowing, kayaking, windsurf, kitesurf, waterski, jetski and other watersports
Other sports activities
Tourist Guiding: 
Registered tourist guiding service (e.g. for cultural venues)
Tour and travel guide service (e.g. on coach tour)
Volunteer guide, "greeter" services

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