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The right accessible hotel room for your pleasant stay. "Accessible hotel rooms everywhere one wants to travel" is my personal vision for roomchooser. Go anytime where you really want to go and not to destinations only where you might know accidentally that it is accessible.

To find an accessible hotel room too everywhere in the world where hotel rooms are is the goal of roomchooser. Easy and fast. Without tedious searching, contacting and inquiring numerous hotels without knowing until arrival how the room really looks like and if it fits your need so you can absolutely enjoy your stay.

Along with that roomchooser calls attention of hotels worldwide to accessible travel to create more opportunities to travel for people with reduced mobility. Not "only" for people with wheelchairs but elderly or people who are reduced in their mobility temporarily or in some other way too.

Montleartstrasse 74/2/10, Vienna, 1160, Austria


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People who use a wheelchair
People requiring personal assistance (non-medical care/support)

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