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Speech Code Produktsicherheits GmbH
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Speech Code - the smart audio label Script is the No 1 medium to provide information, yet 50 % of all EU inhabitants have difficulties to access written information: - Generation 65+ (25 % in EU in 2020) - Functional illiterates (20 % in EU) - People with language deficits (10 % in EU) - Blind and visually impaired people (3 % in EU) Speech Codes are printable audio labels that can store up to 40 minutes of speech for: - Package insert leaflets, product information & instructions for use - Street and indoor signage & information boards - Restaurant menues, programmes and catalogues - Contracts, documents, newspapers and bank statements - Citizen information and educational material - Audio Info for tourists in- and outdoors - etc. Easy Speech Code Production: - DIY or automated online text entry into Speech Generator - 42+ available languages for global use - Optional NFC for quicker data transmission - Free app in accessible Universal Design - Offline scan for 100 % data privacy and availability - always and everywhere - Affordable annual licence fees for commercial users - Consulting, Trainings, Webinars & Code Production Services available - Free licence for NPOs for the common good and private users Accessible Speech Code App: - Free in app store for iOS and Android - Offline data transmission - 100 % cost free - Data pprivacy guaranteed - Universal Design - Easy navigation - Individual contrast and font size settings - Single-tap links to websites and phone numbers - Patented scan guidance module with tonal and/or verbal instructions assists blind and visually impaired people to find and scan the code autonomously - Accessibility academically approved Speech Code is not an auxiliary tool for blind people, it is an inclusive medium to improve information access for all!

Frankenberggasse 13/13, Vienna, Austria


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People who are blind or have vision impairments
People with dementia ("dementia-friendly"), learning difficulties, autism or other cognitive / developmental impairments

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Audio/Video guide, smartphone application

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