Hotel room image with female wheelchair user and standing male guest

Today, architects should not consider accessibility as a set of technical answers but as an architectural desire which gives everyone the feeling of being the same.

I am inspired by the principles of Universal Design, a method of designing accessible and inclusive spaces and environments suited to all users, regardless of their needs, size, age, motor, sensory and mental abilities.

For more than 15 years, I have been helping professionals in the hotel and tourism industry to develop comfortable and accessible rooms where it is pleasant to stay.

It simply requires ergonomics that respects comfort, safety, simplicity, ease, but certainly not in response to excessive standardization that has been frozen for over 50 years! According to my international experience as a wheelchair user, 90% of hotel rooms reserved for people with reduced mobility (PMR - Personne à mobilité Réduite) are only accessible with pain.

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