VozejkMap. Česká asociace paraplegiků – CZEPA, z.s.

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VozejkMap. Česká asociace paraplegiků – CZEPA, z.s.
Praha 14 – Černý Most,
Czech Republic
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VozejkMap is a simple and clear tool for wheelchair accessible travel. Using the mobile app or website, this tool can help you find wheelchair accessible facilities, mainly in the Czech Republic and also in other countries.

It offers lots of interesting tips on where to go and enjoy travelling, free of charge.

Dygrýnova 816/8, Praha 14 – Černý Most, 198 00, Czech Republic
198 00


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People who use a wheelchair

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Accessible Tourism Research and Consulting
Guide books, leaflets, tourism information
Online information (e.g. review sites and information aggregators)
Tourist Information Centre

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