CRESAÇOR - Offering Social and Inclusive Tourism in the Azores

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Accessible route in Azores. Photo by CRESAÇOR

CRESAÇOR - Regional Cooperative for Solidarity Economy, CRL., as a pioneer in the implementation and promotion of social and inclusive tourism in the Azores, has been promoting the democratization of tourism in the Azores, since 2005, offering information, services and adapted activities for both residents and tourists, with or without special needs.

In 2014 the brand AZORES FOR ALL was created and registered with the conviction that an unforgettable journey begins way before departure, at the moment of choosing the destination, through accessible and complete information, prioritizing the transparency and details that make the difference during holidays.

Cresaçor runs an Eco-tourism office in Sete Cidades, in partnership with Candelária Youth Association, and a Cultural Tourism Office in Ponta Delgada, in partnership with Carlos Machado Museum.  With the combination of  work of these two partners Cresaçor is able to offer accessible services in the Azores such as excursions in adapted van, jeep tours, pedestrian walks, Joelette walks, canoeing, biking, adapted and traditional games, transfers and cultural guided tours, as well as information about accessible hotels, general attractions, restaurants and support equipment.

The Azores, as a touristic destination, have unique features: its nature, gastronomy, culture, material and intangible heritage offer exceptional conditions for people, with or without special needs, to have comfortable vacations.

The most attractive aspect of the destination, according to the tourists that visit the Azores, is its safety. Moreover accommodation, transport, catering, tourist activities and specific support equipment adapted to the tourists’ needs (manual wheelchairs, bath chairs, folding beds, transfer elevators) are also pointed as essential attributes when it comes to choosing this destination.

The Azores have been trying to adapt to the several specificities needed, not only by tourists but also by the Azorean, that demand specific responses, increasing its accessible infrastructures.

In the Azores there are 36,713 people with some kind of special need (according to Census from 2011, developed by the National Institute of Statistics -Instituto Nacional de Estatística). This reality justifies the work developed by Cresaçor not only for tourists but also for the local population, promoting leisure activities for Social Institutions.

The numbers and satisfaction from everybody that Cresaçor works with and for can translate how impacting its’ mission and actions have been: from 2005 to 2018 we have received more than 24.524 people in our Cultural Tourism Office and Eco-Tourism Office, have accompanied more than 13.722 tourists, 5.666 participants from Social institutions, and over 4.871 participants of the Program “Meus Açores Meus Amores”, an initiative of the Regional Government of the Azores that enables people over 60 years old to travel to a chosen island of the Azores, for which Cresaçor is honored to be held responsible to ensure the touristic animation.

Cresaçor has recently re-launched the site easy to surf with a fresh design that aims to be accessible for all. In this site it’s possible to find information about all the services and activities we have to offer.

Cresaçor also develops customized holiday programs and ensures that all the support equipment needed for a fully accessible holiday is available.

In the Azores the holidays are for all!



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