Why the Hospitality Industry is a Great Career Choice

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Many younger people, including students, get a job to pay their way through college and waiting tables, assisting holidaymakers and serving drinks are popular options. For some, the prospect of continuing their fledgling hospitality career into adulthood, isn’t one they would contemplate. However, when you stop to think about it, there are myriad potential benefits of remaining in the hospitality and tourism industry, long-term.

Those benefits include:

  • You already have some experience, so are starting from a higher level than other college graduates.
  • Hard work is almost always rewarded with good career progression.
  • Workers in the hospitality industry experience cultural diversity.
  • You get the chance to hear some amazing stories from some interesting people, you might not meet in other jobs.
  • It gives you a chance to be creative when an unexpected problem arises.

 Among those unexpected issues can be when guests with a disability attend your hotel, resort or restaurant. Once you’ve made an adjustment or two, to make the area more comfortable or accessible to them, you can begin to more easily see how a few modifications can make the leisure industry fully accessible to people, regardless of their specific needs.

As well being an opportunity to help people, it also gives you the chance to prove yourself as a valuable and innovative member of staff. This can only be positive for your career and also for the industry.

To discover more about the benefits of a career in hospitality, read on.


Guest writer, Jackie Edwards is a researcher, editor and writer. Formerly she worked in the leisure and tourism sector; mainly in hospitality. She's had jobs as diverse as waiting tables in restaurants through to managing conventions.

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