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Image of Joelette with group on mountain trek

Photo: Mountain Trek with Joëlette. By kind permission of Pedro Paredes-Haz (copyright), Wheel the World and Joëlette and Co.

Since 1849, our company FERRIOL-MATRAT is specialized in the tube work subcontracting industry. In 2003, Ferriol-Matrat decided to give a new meaning to its industrial activity by promoting sports and leisure for disabled people and created the brand Joëlette and Co. According to the director and technical team, an industrial approach would allow to develop adaptive equipment in France and worldwide, in order to give to people with reduced mobility a universal access to hiking, swimming and skiing activities.

Our flagship product is the Joëlette, an all-terrain chair one-wheeled chair that enables any mobility-challenged people, children or adults, even the most heavily dependent, to get involved into hiking and trekking excursions in the nature, on any kind of terrain. With the help of two volunteers, the Joëlette allows to access to rough paths and trails which are inaccessible to a normal wheelchair.  It also allows to participate in running activities such as runs, marathons, adventure racing so that anyone can experience the adventure and emotions of a sport competition. With the Joëlette, you can also access to the historical and cultural heritage, in accessible places or sites which are not yet adapted.

More and more independent associations, private individuals, tourism operators, hiking and sport clubs or nature parks are using it all over the world in order to encourage the access to sport, leisure and tourism for all.

On this map, you can find our partners: active users of our products who promote their activities and sometimes rent or lend their equipment.

Making a universal equipment for people with specific needs is very challenging! Our R&D department is working very hard to find the right compromise in terms of comfort, safety and design to meet the expectations of both passengers and guides.

Any person with reduced mobility should have the opportunity to participate in outdoor and sport activities or visit some inaccessible places. That’s what our company is striving to promote through our adaptive equipment and the community of our users around the world. Facing great challenges, climbing summits, strolling in the nature or feeling the emotion of a simple sport competition becomes accessible to everyone.

Claudie BROSSAT, international business developer within the company FERRIOL-MATRAT, for the development of the brand Joëlette and Co.

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