inclusive tourism

Image of Joelette with group on mountain trek

Photo: Mountain Trek with Joëlette. By kind permission of Pedro Paredes-Haz (copyright), Wheel the World and Joëlette and Co.
Since 1849, our company FERRIOL-MATRAT is specialized in the tube work subcontracting industry. In 2003, Ferriol-Matrat decided to give a new meaning to its industrial activity by promoting sports and leisure for disabled people and created the brand Joëlette and Co.

visits4u logo

July 2016 marked the launch of ‘visits4u’, an 18 month project that aimed to improve user experience and sustain inclusive design provision across its partners. The consortium comprised of seven partners from six countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The pillar of the project has been to build capacity of the tourism sector across the partners’ regions through training activities that increased awareness and skills in developing inclusive tourism provision.

Following on from these activities, a series of online tools and resources has been developed, that are available for free via the project’s website:

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